Our expertise extends beyond venues like arenas and theatres, as we also offer bespoke solutions to venues such as town halls, churches, nightclubs, parliament and many more.
Curtains and backdrops are synonymous within theatrical applications, and our comprehensive knowledge and experience has led to supplying fabric to theatres up and down the country.
Traditionally, concert halls were a cultured building that held performances form orchestras, choirs and ballets, so we know how imperative choosing the right stage fabrics can be.
Arenas can hold up to thousands of fans and host some of the biggest names in the music industry, so we know how important the staging fabric is to venues like this.

Specialising in the production of theatre and stage drapes.

Whaleys are regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of theatre curtains and stage drapes. This department runs in tandem with a large flameproofed fabrics section including a dedicated sewing department.

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