Find out everything you need to know about the latest Whaleys projects, events and news about how the fabric industry is evolving across the UK and the rest of the world.

New Mirage Voile IFR Range Available

Discover our brand new range of Mirage Voile IFR, made from 100% polyester and Inherently Flame Retardant.  

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New 100% Recycled Eco Voile IFR Range Available

Discover our brand new range of Eco Voile IFR, made from 100% recycled polyester and Inherently Flame Retardant.  

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We now have IMO (International Maritime Organisation) Certification for the following qualities…

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Virtual Reality in Theatre

Is Virtual Reality the New Form of Theatre?

When the Covid-19 pandemic confined almost the entire nation to their houses, and further inhibited many of life’s pleasures, many […]

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Stage backdrop for London theatre shows

Best New London Theatre Shows to Watch in 2022

Now that theatre productions are back in full force, there are a whole host of new theatre shows coming to […]

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the best movie musicals of the 21st century

10 of the Best Musical-to-Film Adaptations of the 21st Century

Over the years a whole host of musicals have been adapted into films for the big screen. 2021 has been […]

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How to Get Creative with Stage Backdrops to Produce an Immersive Theatre Experience

Impressive visuals help to create memorable experiences, especially within a theatre setting. Set design and stage backdrops work to convey […]

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A Look at Different Theatre Curtains from Around the World

Deep-red curtains are synonymous with theatres and the stage. The tradition that theatre performances are punctuated by the rise and […]

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New Fabric – Finesse Blackout Velvet IFR

Whaleys Stages are constantly evolving to provide you with the best choice of fabric you can find. That is why […]

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Whaleys Stages Projects

A Complete Guide To Hall Curtains

No hall is complete without curtains that cover the stage and which are pulled back and drawn as the lights […]

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Hindu Temple Curtains.2

The Difference Between Cycloramas, Scrims and Backdrops

Our latest post tells you everything you need to know about these essential stage items and the different materials used […]

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colourful stage curtains

What is the Best Fabric for Stage Curtains?

Stage curtains are huge determining factor on setting your overall stage presence and appearance. There are many different avenues you […]

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theatre curtain

What Are Theatre Curtains Made From?

Stage curtains come in a range of fabrics and materials – read this guide to learn more about theatre curtain […]

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green fabric

Fire Retardant Stage Curtains Explained

This is everything you need to know about flame resistant materials and what to consider when choosing stage curtain fabrics.

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people infront of stage backdrop

What Fabric is Best for Your Stage Backdrop?

Backdrops are used to set the scene and bring the action on stage to life. This post will help you […]

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