Now that theatre productions are back in full force, there are a whole host of new theatre shows coming to London this year, after many delays and setbacks.

Hosted in London’s most stunning theatre venues, the chance to view some of these theatre shows is not something to be missed. Especially with some of the theatre shows premiering at the end of 2021, and others potentially on a limited run, now is the time to book some tickets before they sell out.

Including brand-new original concepts, and some more traditional stories with a modern twist, there will definitely be something on this list for everyone to see and enjoy.

1.The Glow

Set in 1863, the production finds audiences introduced to a woman residing in an asylum. She is cut off from the outside world, with no memory of who she is, or why she is there.

After being appointed an assistant job with Mrs Lyall, a spiritual medium, the woman’s forgotten past begins to present itself, along with some other strange occurrences too.

From playwright Alistair McDowall, and directed by Vicky Featherstone, this show allows audiences to experience the physical presence of the unknown, but also what presence exists in the mind.

Showing at: The Royal Court, London

Dates: Showing from 21st January 2022

2.Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing is back on the West End stage in 2022 because no one puts baby in the corner.

Based upon the 70’s cult classic, Dirty Dancing sees 17-year-old Frances, otherwise known as ‘Baby’, spending the summer of 1963 with her family in the Catskill Mountains.

Although the resort boasts numerous activities, nothing seems to appeal to Baby, that is until she lays eyes on the handsome dance instructor, Johnny Castle.

Over the summer they become intertwined in a holiday romance, and ultimately have the time of their lives.

Showing at: Dominion Theatre, London

Dates: Showing from 2nd February 2022

3.Life of Pi

Based upon the international, best-selling novel, this stage adaptation is one that is highly anticipated by audiences and critics.

The story takes place immediately after the sinking of a cargo ship, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, that has only left five survivors in a singular lifeboat. These survivors consist of a sixteen-year-old boy, a hyena, a zebra, an orangutan, and a Bengal tiger. These five creatures start their journey with their lives in nature’s hands. With their survival in the balance, time is not on their side.

Like both the book and film that came before it, this production will open an audience’s eyes to the power of hope and belief.

Showing at: Wyndham’s Theatre, London

Dates: Showing from 15th November 2021

4.The Glass Menagerie

Making her West End debut, Amy Adams leads this new production of Tennessee William’s original play. After her husband abandons Amanda Wingfield, and their two children Tom and Laura, Amanda becomes focused on helping her children achieve their dreams and ambitions.

Told through her son Tom’s eyes, the pressure from Amanda ultimately leads to a breakdown in her relationship with both of her children, allowing audiences to witness tensions rise, and familial feuds.

Showing at: Duke of York’s Theatre

Dates: Showing from 23rd May 2022


Putting a modern twist on the traditional fairy-tale, Cinderella is no longer the polite and peaceful dame from the story. In Andrew Lloyd Webber’s reimagining, the character is now a loud, rude, and unpleasant maid, who will do anything to escape Belleville, the superficial town she is trapped in.

To make matters worse, her closest friend, Prince Sebastian has been called to the throne after the disappearance of his older brother. While they both try to navigate around this new circumstance, it transpires that they may care about each other more deeply than they know.

With the help of a fairy godmother, who also might have a background in plastic surgery, Cinderella begins to think that conforming to the beauty standard of the people she’s avoided all her life may be the answer to her problems.

Showing at: Gillian Lynne Theatre

Dates: Showing from 25th June 2021

6.Moulin Rouge

Based upon Baz Luhrmann’s film of the same name, Moulin Rouge has made its way from Broadway to the West End and transports its audience to the Montmartre Quarter in the heart of Paris.

The protagonist, Christian, a writer and romanticist, enters the Moulin Rouge and is transported into the extravagant world of Paris and cabaret in the early 20th century where anything is possible.

Although the production is set in the year 1900, it is modernised through its use of a crowd friendly soundtrack, including hits from Elton John, The Beatles, Queen and Dolly Parton.

Showing at: Piccadilly Theatre, London

Dates: Showing from 12th November 2021


A twisted retelling of the fairy-tale Sleeping Beauty, this theatre show focuses on a secluded fairy, yearning for a child to bless. When eventually she is summoned to the palace by the King and Queen to help the young princess into a deep sleep, what she had imagined to be a dream, becomes her worst nightmare.

Suddenly, she is thrown into chaos, spending one hundred years trying to put everything right.

Showing at: Olivier Theatre, London

Dates: Showing from 4th December 2021


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