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Staging drapes and backdrops are renowned for the scenic enhancing qualities, but the same feeling can also be created through our floor cloths. A floor cloth can be ideal for creating the effect of a choppy ocean or the forest floor. At Whaley’s we have been manufacturing fabrics for over two decades, and are confident that we can provide you with a solution that fits your vision.

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About Floor Cloths

Floor cloths are large sheets of fabric that are used as temporary floor coverings in various settings, including theatre productions, photography studios, trade shows, and other events. They are designed to protect the underlying surface, whether it is a stage, concrete floor, or carpet, from damage caused by foot traffic, equipment, and other wear and tear.

The history of floor cloths dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries when they were commonly used in homes as a functional and decorative element. At that time, floor cloths were made by hand and were typically crafted from canvas or sailcloth. They were coated with linseed oil to make them waterproof and more durable. The designs on floor cloths were often painted or stenciled on, and they were tailored to fit the individual needs and tastes of the families who owned them.


Today, floor cloths have evolved into a versatile and practical tool for staging environments. They can be used to create a specific atmosphere or to add a realistic touch to a stage or set. Floor cloths are often painted or printed with custom designs to match the theme or setting of a production. They can also be used to cover unsightly flooring or to provide a neutral background for photo shoots or other events.

Whether you’re putting on a one-off performance or your project is in a heritage building, then floor cloths are perfect for preventing damage to what lies underneath them. We stock many different fabrics that are suitable for the job, that include Muslin Cotton, Calico Cotton and Cotton Canvas. Their smooth qualities make it an ideal fabric to paint on, enhancing scenes and adding to stage sets.

In summary, floor cloths have a rich history and have evolved into a useful tool in modern staging environments. They serve both practical and decorative purposes, and their designs and materials can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the production or event.


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At Whaleys Stages, we have over 30 years of experience in creating custom curtains ensuring that our clients receive high-quality, bespoke solutions that meet their unique requirements.

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A Whaleys Stages Solution

Whaleys Stages have been manufacturing and providing staging fabric solutions for over 20 years. Our experts will help you through the process from concept to measurement, delivery and install. dedicated sewing department, so if you are looking for theatre drapes or any other form of stage you have come to the right place. Our service is completely bespoke to our customer’s needs, we specialist in borders, valences, front of house, Austrian drape, pelmets, venetian and curtain legs, our dedicated sewing department will support you ever step of the way.

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More About Floor Cloths in Theatres

Floor cloth is a painted canvas sheet placed on the stage floor to mark out the acting area, or to achieve a particular effect. Floor cloths are large sheets of fabric used as a temporary flooring covering in theatre productions, photography studios, and other events. They are made of durable materials to withstand foot traffic and heavy equipment. Floor cloths are typically used to create a specific atmosphere or to give a realistic look to the stage. They are also used to protect the actual floor or carpet from damage.

Muslin Cotton is a lightweight, plain-woven cotton fabric. It is inexpensive, readily available, and can be easily painted or dyed to achieve a specific colour or pattern. Muslin is often used as a base for painting scenery, but it can also be used as a floor cloth. The fabric is lightweight, so it is easy to handle and transport. However, its thinness may make it less durable compared to other fabrics.

Calico Cotton is a type of unbleached cotton that is slightly thicker than Muslin. It is also known for its durability, and its ability to withstand frequent washing and use. Calico is typically used for creating muslin patterns in costume and set design, but it is also a good option for a floor cloth. Calico can be painted, dyed, or left natural, which makes it versatile in creating different effects. Its texture also gives it a vintage or rustic look.


Cotton Canvas is a heavyweight and tightly woven fabric that is highly durable and long-lasting. It is commonly used for floor cloths, backdrops, and set pieces in theatre productions. Cotton canvas can be painted with oil or acrylic paints, or dyed to achieve a specific color. Its tight weave makes it highly resistant to wear and tear, making it ideal for heavy foot traffic and equipment. It also has a natural texture, which gives it a realistic appearance.

In conclusion, Muslin Cotton, Calico Cotton, and Cotton Canvas are all excellent options for creating floor cloths. Muslin cotton is a lightweight and affordable option that is easy to handle and paint, but it may be less durable than the other fabrics. Calico cotton is slightly thicker and more durable, making it a great option for frequent use and washing. Its texture also adds a unique vintage or rustic look to the floor cloth. Finally, cotton canvas is a heavyweight and tightly woven fabric that is highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, making it ideal for heavy foot traffic and equipment. Its natural texture also gives it a realistic appearance, making it a popular choice for theatre productions and other events. Ultimately, the choice of fabric for a floor cloth depends on the specific needs of the production and the desired effect.

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