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Is Virtual Reality the New Form of Theatre?

When the Covid-19 pandemic confined almost the entire nation to…

Date 02/02/2022

Best New London Theatre Shows to Watch in 2022

Now that theatre productions are back in full force, there…

Date 26/01/2022

10 of the Best Musical-to-Film Adaptations of the 21st Century

Over the years a whole host of musicals have been…

Date 22/10/2021

How to Get Creative with Stage Backdrops to Produce an Immersive Theatre Experience

Date 21/06/2021

A Look at Different Theatre Curtains from Around the World

Date 16/04/2021

New Fabric – Blackout Velvet IFR

Date 27/11/2020

A Complete Guide To Hall Curtains

Date 12/08/2020

The Difference Between Cycloramas, Scrims and Backdrops

Date 12/08/2020

What is the Best Fabric for Stage Curtains?

Date 17/04/2020

What Are Theatre Curtains Made From?

Date 06/03/2020

Fire Retardant Stage Curtains Explained

Date 06/03/2020

What Fabric is Best for Your Stage Backdrop?

Date 06/03/2020

Why are theatre curtains red?

Date 11/02/2020

Best Fabrics for Sound Acoustics

Date 13/11/2019

Stage Curtains For Theatres – A Whaleys Stages How To Guide

Your complete guide to theatre curtains

Date 20/08/2019

The Most Impressive Theatres

Date 17/07/2019

Black Wool Serge Stage Curtains

Date 17/07/2019

Spring Clean: How To Clean Your Stage Curtains

Date 05/03/2019

What Fabric to Use for Stage Curtains?

Date 15/02/2019

Theatre Talk: Fabric Highlight: Polyester Velvet

Date 13/02/2019

New Year, New School Look

Date 14/01/2019

You asked for it. Now it’s here… New Crushed Velvet

Date 17/12/2018

Christmas Show Stage Guide

Visiting the theatre over the Christmas period is a traditional activity…

Date 15/10/2018

Wedding Backdrops

Date 10/10/2018

What is a cyclorama?

Date 17/09/2018

What type of drape is right for my school?

Date 14/09/2018

School Hall Stage Curtain

Date 10/08/2018

What is Muslin?

Date 10/08/2018

Our Contact Form Terminology Explained

Date 24/07/2018

Curtain Closed: A Guide to Taking Stage Curtain Measurement

Date 24/07/2018

Behind the Scenes: The Anatomy of a Theatre

Date 20/06/2018

A Guide To: Ticking

Date 18/05/2018

Behind the Scenes: Festival Stage Setup

Date 18/05/2018

How To Clean Stage Curtains

Date 08/05/2018

To Repair or Replace Your Stage Curtains?

Date 30/04/2018

The Five Most Famous Concert Halls In The World

Date 25/04/2018

Types of Fabrics Used On Set

Date 19/04/2018

The Most Expensive Tour Stages

Date 03/04/2018

How to Measure Stage Curtains

Date 29/03/2018

Jobs in the Theatre

The performers that you see on stage aren’t the only…

Date 22/12/2017

Theatre Talk: Fly Curtains

Choosing the right type of front of house curtains is…

Date 22/11/2017

What Is Velour?

Velour is popular fabric that is used in a variety…

Date 22/09/2017

What Is Gauze?

Gauze is a fabric that has a variety of different…

Date 21/08/2017

All you need to know about fire retardant fabrics

Ensuring your curtains and drapes are fire retardant is crucial…

Date 19/05/2017

Types of backdrops for school plays

School productions are often the event of the year, whether…

Date 19/05/2017

William Lovell Church of England Academy

Whaleys have just manufactured a brand new Front of House…

Date 23/03/2017

Her Majesty, The Queen draws back our curtains!

Her Majesty The Queen drew back Whaleys manufactured curtains yesterday,…

Date 15/02/2017

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven

Whaleys Stages drapes travelled overseas in one of our projects.…

Date 21/10/2016

First Direct Arena’s latest project


Date 03/08/2016

Polyester Velvet Makes The Cut

Polyester Velvet has today been added to Whaleys' range of…

Date 14/04/2016

Whaleys Add Two New Fabrics To The Stage Range

Whaleys Add Two New Fabrics To The Stage Range  …

Date 14/04/2016

Whaleys supply Valances to Parliment

Whaleys supply Valances to Parliment Whaleys manufactured stage skirt valances…

Date 10/03/2016