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Theatre Curtains

New Mirage Voile IFR Range Available

Discover our brand new range of Mirage Voile IFR, made from 100% polyester and Inherently Flame Retardant.  

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New 100% Recycled Eco Voile IFR Range Available

Discover our brand new range of Eco Voile IFR, made from 100% recycled polyester and Inherently Flame Retardant.  

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We now have IMO (International Maritime Organisation) Certification for the following qualities…

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New Fabric – Finesse Blackout Velvet IFR

Whaleys Stages are constantly evolving to provide you with the best choice of fabric you can find. That is why […]

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The Difference Between Cycloramas, Scrims and Backdrops

Our latest post tells you everything you need to know about these essential stage items and the different materials used […]

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What is the Best Fabric for Stage Curtains?

Stage curtains are huge determining factor on setting your overall stage presence and appearance. There are many different avenues you […]

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Best Fabrics for Sound Acoustics

A show production is not only about the visuals, the acoustics are such a big part of the overall experience […]

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Spring Clean: How To Clean Your Stage Curtains

Purchasing new stage curtains can be a significant investment – sometimes a re-fresh and clean is all they need to […]

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Theatre Talk: Fabric Highlight: Polyester Velvet

Our new series ‘Theatre Talk’ will discuss all things new, relevant, topical and trending in the theatre and stage world. […]

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New Year, New School Look

January. A time for a fresh attitude, spring cleaning and planning for the year ahead. We welcomed news from the […]

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What is a cyclorama?

A Cyclorama is a large piece of fabric or curtain situated at the very back of the stage.  When lit […]

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What is Muslin?

Muslin is a popular cotton fabric that has a plain weave. It is produced in a variety of different weights […]

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Our Contact Form Terminology Explained

When you’re ordering fabric, it can be difficult to understand what the different measurements required to place an order mean. […]

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A Guide To: Ticking

Ticking is one of the most commonly used fabrics for the stage. A traditional material that has been around for […]

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What Is Velour?

Velour is popular fabric that is used in a variety of applications since being invented in France during the mid-1800s. […]

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