January. A time for a fresh attitude, spring cleaning and planning for the year ahead.

We welcomed news from the Government where they promised to help school funding in 2019. The Chancellor pledged £400m for schools in the latest budget. That means schools in England will receive a one-off £10,000 per primary school and £50,000 per secondary school.

The school theatre is the beating heart of the school. It’s where children can get creative, put on shows, have lessons, attend assembly and is well used by all throughout the school year.

The right curtain drapes are key when it comes to creating the perfect theatrical experience for performers and the audience, so you will want to make sure your school curtains are up to scratch.

So, where to get started? Firstly, are you questioning if you need new or can simply restore what you have already? We understand it can be a large investment, which is why we have a guide that aims to help: To Repair or Replace Your Stage Curtains?

Maybe you are unsure if your theatre drapes have much life left in them. The guide gives you a few hints and tricks to work out if they simply need repair or if they should be replaced.

If you decide that they do need replacing, you are in the right place. We provide custom-made stage curtains and drapes for schools, school theatres and halls of all shapes and sizes across the nation. Designed to your exact specifications, we can also assist with measurements to give you peace of mind you get the perfect fit. From traditional drapes to accessories, we can provide the advice and solution for your school.

So, where to get started? There are a number of different curtain drapes and fabrics that are ideally suited to school halls and stages.

Firstly, you need to think about what kind of curtain you require. To start you will need front of house curtains, the most essential and renowned elements of any stage.

Perhaps some borders and valence curtains – to frame the stage. Pelmets and curtain legs give the finishing touch to the stage itself. Then there is the more elaborate Austrian or Venetian curtains and drape options if you are looking for something extra special. For more information on each of these, visit our curtain drapes page where we explain the detail and characteristics of each choice.

Next think about your backdrop style. There are several different styles and each have their own uses to help bring your production to life. The core being:

• Gauze (Scrim) a multipurpose stage drape
• Scenic Backdrops – painted on to add scenic value
• Cyclorama – fabric hangs towards the back of the stage
• Star Cloths – perfect at creating an illusion of a starry night

Then finally, fabric and colours. Of course, ruby red is a classic and most popular, followed by midnight navy blue and traditional black. Full collection here on our stage fabrics page.

Our stage drapes feature in schools and universities around the world and can be tailored to include your own crest or badge.

For more information or to speak to the team about your requirements, do get in touch with the team today via our contacts page.

Looking for a Specialist?

We are always happy to assist you with your enquiry. We take pride in helping and supporting our clients. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 01274 576718, visit our contact page or email us with any questions.

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