Scenic Backdrops

Our Scenic Backdrops

Bring your vision to life with a scenic backdrop from Whaleys Stages. Set the scene with a painted canvas backdrop for your performance.

A scenic backdrop could be exactly what your production space requires to capture your audience’s imagination and immerse them in your next performance. A scenic backdrop is a painted scenery curtain which hangs at the back of the stage to create an atmosphere and environment for your actors to perform in.

Commonly made out of our Natural Painting Canvas or Matt Canvas White, we have the highest quality materials that mean you can create your vision for your next scene with ease. Having worked with some of the biggest theatre houses in the industry, Whaleys Stages has vast experience helping houses bring their productions to life for audiences and we can help you.

Our expert team of sewers and crafters manufacture everything on-site and work to deliver our clients specifications to the highest quality standards. We specialise in working to tight deadlines and can facilitate orders worldwide with particular experience in the UK, Europe and North America. Whatever your requirements we are sure to be able to help, so simply contact one of our team today to discuss your project and we will give you an estimate.

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The length across from left to right when the fabric is flat.
The length of fabric from the curtain rail or track to the floor.
Fabric can be flat or have fullness. Fabric fullness is the extra fabric that covers the width of a curtain pole, offering a pleated, gathered effect. (Flat 0%, box pleats 50-100%)
Would you like your curtains to be lined?
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