Cyclorama Backdrops

Set the scene with a Cyclorama from Whaleys Stages. With over 20 years’ experience, we are a leading stage fabric manufacturer and have worked with everyone from Theatres to Schools to transform their performance spaces the world over.

photo by Bradii Flickr

A Cyclorama is a large piece of fabric situated at the back of the stage which when lit correctly is used to represent the sky or open space. The fabric is usually held concave to create the illusion of depth and distance or unlimited space.

Cycloramas, known as cycs, can also be projected on to create additional effects, common uses of this include clouds or stars to connote the night’s sky. In order to best achieve this effect cycs must be seamless, so we suggest using filled cloth or seamless white canvas when manufacturing yours.

photo by Bradii Flickr

About Whaleys Stages

At Whaleys Stages, for over 20 years we have been manufacturing Cycloramas for a wide range of clients and have helped them to set up at their premises to ensure they achieve the best results.

Regardless of the size of your performance space, at Whaleys Stages we are willing and ready to help. Whether you have a grand theatre or a school theatre, we have experience in all capacities and specialise in meeting our client’s requirements within short timeframes across the world. Let us bring your theatre to life with our wide range of backdrops,by contacting our specialist team today.

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