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Create an illusion with Sharkstooth Gauze from Whaleys Stages. Bring the magic of theatre to life with our high-quality stage backdrop made from gauze fabric. We can design, manufacture, install and repair your gauze to ensure you are always performance ready.

Gauze, also known as Scrim, is one of the most versatile and creative fabrics associated with the theatre. Sharkstooth Gauze is an open-weave fabric that allows you to manipulate the light to create magic.

Scrim has the ability to both transmit and reflect light, this means that when light is projected onto the fabric from a sharp angle from the front, the fabric appears to be opaque, however, when light is shone from the area behind the fabric, the fabric becomes transparent in what is known as the ‘bleed-through’ effect.

When the right angles of light are shone on to the fabric, performers and likewise rooms and acting areas can seemingly be made to appear and disappear at will. The effects that can be created using Gauze fabric have been used the world over for mist, reveal and fantasy sequences in some of the leading productions.

We can provide one or numerous gauzes to suit your requirements and can work to extremely short deadlines to effectively meet your needs.

About Whaleys Stages

We have over 20 years’ experience bringing our clients theatre dreams into reality. We specialise in manufacturing custom-made theatrical drapes and stage fabrics for clients the world over and have worked from large theatres and auditoriums to independent venues and schools and colleges.

If you have a project and would like to work with a leading stage fabric manufacturer then contact one of our dedicated team today.

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