Our new series ‘Theatre Talk’ will discuss all things new, relevant, topical and trending in the theatre and stage world. The first, ‘fabric highlight’ will discuss the standout fabric to us this month.

This month we have chosen polyester velvet.

What is Polyester Velvet?

Polyester Velvet is a great value material and option for those after a rich texture and softness of cotton velvet without the premium price tag. Popular in the production of value stage curtains.

Both the polyester and cotton versions of velvet are extremely versatile, they are durable, insulating, crease and mark free fabrics, as a result, they are one of the most desirable fabric choices for theatre and stage drapes.

Polyester Velvet is a synthetic fabric and in its rawest form is made from the combination of carboxylic acid and alcohol. The chemical respond and forms polyester in a molten form, which then cools, becomes brittle and is produced into small fibres.

In the second stage of production, the new fibres are liquefied and placed in a spinneret, which feeds the raw fibres through its narrow openings at the base, then presses and twists them into a single strand, forming the polyester yarn. The yarn can then be prepared, cut and prepared for use.

Velvet is a historic and famed fabric, early reports of its use date back to the Ninth Century. Its reported that the first introduction to England was in 1278, when Edward the first paid 100 shillings for a bed to be upholstered in the Velvet fabric, in the city of Paris.

Its popularity then grew and as a result it became the well-known fabric widely used across the world today.

Modern-day production has meant that you can get a silky cotton velvet alternative at a cheaper price – meaning customers with smaller budgets can still have luxe look and feel of velvet curtains.

As a fabric, Polyester Velvet is also extremely durable and stain resistant making it an ideal drapery choice for schools, clubs, churches and theatre applications. Not only does it uphold a opulent aesthetic, but it’s acoustic and thermal insulation properties make it a perfect solution for stage curtains.

We stock Polyester Velvet in four different colours, all of which are tear and crease resistant. If you want to find out more information about flammability and care of this range or request a shade card then you can fill out our online contact form and one of our team will be on board to help. Alternatively, you can also give us a ring if you have any other questions on any of our other stage fabrics.


Polyester velvet


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