When creating a spectacular show, there are technical elements to consider, such as will the fabrics you choose compliment the acoustics of the show. Here we take you through some of the best fabric options.

A show production is not only about the visuals, the acoustics are such a big part of the overall experience for viewers. Show directors must ensure they are using the right stage fabric and curtains to guarantee the right balance of sound.

Front of House Curtains

Being able to control sound can intensify the atmosphere and give you the ability to captivate the audience. Front of House Curtains are not only perfect for preventing peeping light but also for masking sound too.

Front of house curtains are raised or opened to reveal the set and lowered or closed during the intermission and at the end of a performance, the grand drape, house curtain or main drape acts as a visual and acoustic barrier between the audience and the act.

Normally made from a heavy fabric such as Wool Serge or Stage Molton, the fabric helps to cancels out noise from behind the curtains, and in the wings, giving you the opportunity to create that ideal show stopping experience.

Pelmets, Legs, Borders & Valance Curtains

Alongside front of house curtains, the accessories can help to block sound also. Normally, these are made out of the same or similar fabric to the Front of House curtain, meaning the heaviness of the material dampens noise. If you already have these theatre drapes, but they aren’t eliminating unwanted sound, we have a make-up alteration service where we line the curtain with another fabric to provide you with the best solution.

Wool Serge – best fabric for acoustics

Wool Serge one of the biggest range of staging fabric we stock and is also the most popular with our customers. Its versatility makes it a perfect fit for theatrical drapes, borders, legs and skirting.

Black Wool Serge fabric comes in three different styles and is ideal if you’re looking for a fabric that dampens sound or adjusts the acoustic properties of a venue. As Wool Serge is heavier and denser than other fabrics, it prevents a minimal amount of light and sound creeping through the sides, top and bottom of the drape. This presents you with a seamless blackout stage solution for touring shows, dressing rooms, theatres school halls and working clubs.

Although Black Wool Serge is our most popular of styles, we also stock the fabric in a variety of different colours. All of our wool serge fabrics are durably flame retardant and will withstand a number of cleanings before needing to be reinstated.