Front of House

Situated at the front of the stage, the front-of-house curtain is one of the most essential and renowned elements of any stage set-up.

Raised or opened to reveal the set and lowered or closed during the intermission and at the end of a performance, the grand drape, house curtain or main drape acts as a visual and acoustic barrier between the audience and the act. They also help to frame the performance for the audience and are characterised by their luxurious, glamorous and ornate appearance.

Our specialist in-house manufacturing team can create the curtains you require and there are a number of styles of front-of-house curtains available for you to consider:

Traveller Stage Curtains

The most common type of front-of-house curtain, traveller curtains are characterised by two overlapping drapes that are drawn into the wings of the stage to create a dramatic opening to any production. Traveller curtains are also the ideal solution for spaces that do not have sufficient space for a fly curtain.

Fly Stage Curtains

The theatre curtain most famous and synonymous with the theatre experience, fly curtains are a one piece, vertical revealing fabric that are raised using a counterweight to expose the stage. Used widely in prestigious theatres and large halls, this style of curtain requires a fly system built in which raise and lower objects.

Contour Stage Curtain

Perfect for those looking to achieve the look and feel of a fly curtain but whose theatre space does not have the space required to realise it, a contour stage curtain gathers in vertical junctures which creates an elegant and striking aesthetic for your performance space. Each contour can be lifted individually or simultaneously meaning a variety of spaces can be created.

At Whaleys Stages, we have grown from humble beginnings over 20 years ago, to be regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of curtains drapes. We specialise in manufacturing tailored front-of-house curtains and have created custom-made solutions for theatres, drama groups, colleges and schools worldwide including in the UK, Europe and North America.

Made to Measure

Our expertise and production facilities mean that size is no issue, we will consider all enquiries, all we need is your size and specifications in return we will provide you with an estimate. We can also turn round your drapes within a short time frame, so whether you need a late replacement or are working to a tight deadline, Whaleys Stages can help.

If you would like a front-of-house curtain custom made by our specialist manufacturing team then contact us today to get a quote on your project.


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