Stage Molton

Stage Molton is an ideal fabric for those looking to eliminate light or reducing echo. Its heavyweight property gives a similar finish to draperies made from wool and twill and can add to the aesthetics of your venue.

Stage Molton Fabrics


Stage Molton, also referred to as Duvetyne, was widely recognised as a material used for structuring theatre curtains and cycloramas in the 1930s. Before this, it was commonly used to produce dresses, suits and coats due to its similarity to twill and wool. It’s a light absorbing material that has a brushed finished on both sides which is not only perfect for a black out solution but for scenic purposes too. A great illustration of this, is the producers of the original Star Trek used glitter on a Black Stage Molton curtain to create the “exterior” shots of space.

Not only is it widely used for aesthetic values, for it is also well known for its sound eliminating properties. It’s crease resistant and its 10 year average life span makes it a viable solution for curtains, backdrops and masking applications such as borders and legs. Our Stage Molton is stocked in three different colours of white, black and royal blue and shade cards are available on request. All of these styles having been treated to mean flammability regulations, conforming to BS5867 Part2:B before wetting.

  • 300gm/sqm
  • Non-Durable Flame Retardant, should be treated to meet flammability requirements if for any reason the fabric becomes wet
  • Dry Clean Only

If you need any advice on our Stage Molton range or any of our other stage fabrics we stock then give one of our team members a call or fill in our contact form.

Black- STG36 Width: 200cm/78.7″

Black- STG36A Width: 300cm/118″

White- STG36D Width: 300cm/118″

Royal- STG36C Width: 300cm/118″

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