When it comes to stage fabrics, designers are spoilt for choice. Below are the ten most popular

Stage fabrics come in a wide range of styles for every purpose, with different fabrics being used for everything from drapes to costumes to props. Choosing your fabrics can be a challenge, but we’re always on hand with expert advice to ensure you find the right fabric for your unique requirements.

To get you started in your search, here is a quick guide to some of our most popular fabrics:

Filled Cloth


Filled Cloth has an attractive textured surface and crease-resisting properties. It is stretchy, which provides a seam-free finish and makes it idea if being used as a projection surface. Also, when you want to create a softening light effect on the stage, Filled Cloth is often the fabric of choice.


Sharkstooth Gauze


Sharkstooth Gauze, also called Sharkstooth Scrim, is similar to Scenic Gauze but has a smaller, rectangular weave. Because it is so dense, it is often dyed and used to paint a scene. One of the unique properties of the fabric is that it appears to be solid when light is projected onto the front, but when light is shone from behind it becomes almost transparent.


Dimout Curtains


Dimout Curtains are one of the most popular blackout fabrics, and they are used beyond the theatre. For example, they are often used in hotels. They are very elegant, and they drape well so they are ideal for stage backdrops. They are also durable, and they come in a range of different weights and weaves.




Ticking is a tightly woven material that was originally used to cover mattresses and pillows to stop the sharp ends of feathers sticking through. It is now used in upholstery and blinds, and this durable fabric is very easy to use. It also has an elegant striped design that makes it an attractive choice for props and centrepieces.




Lame is woven with ribbons of metallic yarn giving it a glossy finish. It has often been used in TV costumes to add a futuristic or glitzy element, and is also used for theatrical costumes and backdrops. It is brilliant at reflecting light, and it comes in silver or gold.




Hessian is a very densely woven fabric that comes from the jute plant. Originally imported from India in the 19th century, it was used for carpets and rugs as well as for soldiers’ uniforms.Today, this  eco-friendly fabric is used in staging where it is ideal for covering set pieces or to add texture to props.


Cotton Velvet Velour


Cotton Velvet Velour is a very distinctive fabric in both its look and feel. This combination of stretchy cotton and soft velvet is commonly used for a range of projects including in concert halls, where it provides a traditional style for draperies due to its rich materials. It is also highly effective at masking light and sound.


Find Your Perfect Fabric

We only supply the highest quality fabrics, and we will also provide you with expert advice and guidance when choosing your fabrics whether you have questions about the weight of the material, its properties, how it affects the sound or anything else.

And remember that, whichever fabric you need, it can always be tailored to your budget, size requirements and more.

To speak to one of our team members about fabric for your stage, get in touch today.

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