Dimout Curtaining

At Whaleys we stock an extensive collection of Dimout Curtains in four different styles, that are guaranteed to give you an elegant solution, whilst keeping peeping sunlight out.

Dimout Curtaining Fabrics


Dimout Curtains are a rising star in the world of blackout fabrics. They are widely used in hotels and schools, but their elegant design allows them to drape beautifully, making it’s a perfect application for stage curtains and backdrops. Not only are they recognised for their classic look, but their durability and ability to control the chances of outside light creeping through.

Our warehouse stocks four different styles of Dimout Curtains, all of which have varying properties including their weight and weave. This fabric has modernized the textile community in becoming a fast favourite for controlling light whilst maintaining a classic aesthetic.

  • Conforms to BS5867 Part2:B
  • Inherently Flameproofed
  • Dry clean only

Our full range of colours and styles are listed below, but shade cards are available on request. Alternatively, if you would like to find out more information about any of our fabrics then fill out our contact from or give us a ring today.

Black (Dawn)- STG346T Width: 127cm/50″ 195/sgm

Claret (Dawn)- STG346K Width: 127cm/50″ 195/sgm

Damask (Dawn)- STG346F Width: 127cm/50″ 195/sgm

Slate (Dawn)- STG346R Width: 127cm/50″ 195/sgm

Apricot (Dawn)- STG346A Width: 127cm/50″ 195/sgm

Rust (Twilight)- STG317C Width: 140cm/55″ 325gm/sgm

Purple (Twilight)- STG317D Width: 140cm/55″ 325gm/sgm

Navy (Twilight)- STG317F Width: 140cm/55″ 325gm/sgm

Mocha (Twilight)- STG317I Width: 140cm/55″ 325gm/sgm

Grey (Twilight)- STG31K Width: 140cm/55″ 325gm/sgm

Gold (Twilight)- STG31A Width: 140cm/55″ 325gm/sgm

Dark Grey (Twilight)- STG31L Width: 140cm/55″ 325gm/sgm

Copper (Twilight)- STG31B Width: 140cm/55″ 325gm/sgm

Ice Blue (Dawn)- STG346P Width: 127cm/50″ 195/sgm

Buttercup (Dawn)- STG346B Width: 127cm/50″ 195/sgm

Coral (Dawn)- STG346G Width: 127cm/50″ 195/sgm

Opal (Dawn)- STG346O Width: 127cm/50″ 195/sgm

Bilberry (Dawn)- STG346J Width: 127cm/50″ 195/sgm

Copper (Dawn)- STG346S Width: 127cm/50″ 195/sgm

Kingfisher (Dawn)- STG346S Width: 127cm/50″ 195/sgm

Jade (Dawn)- STG346N Width: 127cm/50″ 195/sgm

Ruby (Dawn)- STG346I Width: 127cm/50″ 195/sgm

Beige (Dawn)- STG346D Width: 127cm/50″ 195/sgm

Moss (Dawn)- STG346M Width: 127cm/50″ 195/sgm

Terracotta (Dawn)- STG346H Width: 127cm/50″ 195/sgm

Nutmeg (Dawn)- STG346C Width: 127cm/50″ 195/sgm

Royal (Dawn)- STG346Q Width: 127cm/50″ 195/sgm

Sea Green (Dawn)- STG346L Width: 127cm/50″ 195/sgm

Chocolate (Twilight)- STG31J Width: 140cm/55″ 325gm/sgm

Caramel (Twilight)- STG317H Width: 140cm/55″ 325gm/sgm

Berry (Twilight)- STG317D Width: 140cm/55″ 325gm/sgm

Caramel (Venus)- STG253F Width: 150cm/60″ 260gm/sgm

Biscuit (Venus)- STG253E Width: 150cm/60″ 260gm/sgm

Rust (Astral)- STG261M Width: 152cm/61″ 305gm/sgm

Grey (Astral)- STG261J Width: 152cm/61″ 305gm/sgm

Navy (Astral)- STG261I Width: 152cm/61″ 305gm/sgm

Royal (Astral)- STG261H Width: 152cm/61″ 305gm/sgm

Army Green (Astral)- STG261G Width: 152cm/61″ 305gm/sgm

Wine (Astral)- STG261F Width: 152cm/61″ 305gm/sgm

Black (Astral)- STG261E Width: 152cm/61″ 305gm/sgm

Brown (Astral)- STG261D Width: 152cm/61″ 305gm/sgm

Caramel (Astral)- STG261C Width: 152cm/61″ 305gm/sgm

Cream (Astral)- STG261B Width: 152cm/61″ 305gm/sgm

Sand (Venus)- STG253G Width: 150cm/60″ 260gm/sgm

Coffee (Venus)- STG253H Width: 150cm/60″ 260gm/sgm

Orange (Venus)- STG253I Width: 150cm/60″ 260gm/sgm

Biscuit (Twilight)- STG317G Width: 140cm/55″ 325gm/sgm

Black (Venus)- STG253T Width: 150cm/60″ 260gm/sgm

Brown (Venus)- STG253S Width: 150cm/60″ 260gm/sgm

Forest Green (Venus)- STG253R Width: 150cm/60″ 260gm/sgm

Lime (Venus)- STG253Q Width: 150cm/60″ 260gm/sgm

Petrol (Venus)- STG253P Width: 150cm/60″ 260gm/sgm

Royal Blue (Venus)- STG253O Width: 150cm/60″ 260gm/sgm

Mauve (Venus)- STG253N Width: 150cm/60″ 260gm/sgm

Plum (Venus)- STG253M Width: 150cm/60″ 260gm/sgm

Claret (Venus)- STG253L Width: 150cm/60″ 260gm/sgm

Cherry (Venus)- STG253K Width: 150cm/60″ 260gm/sgm

Rust (Venus)- STG253J Width: 150cm/60″ 260gm/sgm

Beige (Astral)- STG261A Width: 152cm/61″ 305gm/sgm

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