About this project

Whaleys Stages manufactured a brand new Front of House set of curtains for William Lovell Church of England Academy in Linolnshire. We replaced an old, out-dated set which must have been hanging for decades, and as you can see, the finished article really sets the stage alight!

The William Lovell Church of England Academy is a branch of the school, set up under the terms of William Lovell’s will in 1678. In 2012, it became an academy school, and has just over 400 pupils aged 11 – 16.

The stage drape set consisted of a valance, side of stage drapes, which stay in situ and front of house drapes which are fitted to a hand winch-controlled track. All the drapes are made out of our Claret Velvet (NDFR) and give the hall and stage area a polished, new look, making it the perfect place for school performances.

So if your school or stage is in need of a modern makeover like this, please see our other news and projects, and why not give us a call.