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Our Borders & Valance Curtains Service

The Valance curtain is the horizontal strip of fabric that spans the entire width of the stage, completing the frame of the proscenium. The Valance curtain is predominantly constructed using the same fabric, colour, pleating and style of the grand drape and legs to create a consistent and complete aesthetic for your performing space. The role of the Valance curtain is to shield any hung rigging or lighting from the audience’s vision as to not hamper their immersive theatre experience.

Similar in style and purpose to the Valance, the Border curtain is also a horizontal piece of fabric that spans the width of the stage however, the Border curtain is situated behind the main valance acting as an additional screen of rigging, tracking, systems and light configurations for the audience. The height and drop of both the Valance and Border are critical to ensuring optimal sight lines for the audience and will vary from stage to stage.

Complete the frame with a Valance curtain from Whaleys Stages. As one of the leading manufacturers of stage curtains and fabrics, our expert sewing team will have your stage performance ready meeting your requirements, regardless of size and specifications. We custom-make all Borders and Valances to your specific requirements and offer a wide range of fabric types, colours and styles to suit almost any theatre space. We offer the complete service from sewing to installing and we even do repairs, so we cater for you from the beginning to the closing curtain.

About Whaleys Stages

At Whaleys Stages, we have over 20 years’ experience delivering the highest quality stage curtain fabrics for some of the biggest venues housing the world’s greatest performing artists. All stage fabrics are manufactured on-site by our team of experienced sewers and it is our ability to consistently meet our client’s requirements within short time frames, regardless of size or complexity that makes us one of the world’s best. We recently supplied valances for parliament for the visit of the president of China.

Whether you require a single curtain or a complete stage setup solution, we have the experience and design, deliver and install your new stage fabric.

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