Curtains and Drapes for Concert Halls

When it comes to concert halls, one of the most important elements is ensuring the acoustic properties of the building are right along with the aesthetic, to create the right atmosphere for the audience and performers alike. If there are hard, reflective surfaces, they can cause the sound waves to bounce and reverberate, which can affect the overall experience of performance depending on what type of show it is. One way guarantee the perfect acoustic setting when renovating or refurbishing a concert hall is with drapes and curtains that reduce reverberation and absorb the sound.

Fabrics for Concert Halls


Similar to theatres, the interior of a concert hall is elaborately decorated as it plays host to variety of events throughout the year. Hanging behind the stage and in the audience chambers, they can adjust the sound properties of the venue and create artistically appealing atmosphere that can be adjusted depending on the performers and the venue layout.

For shows and artistic performances, curtains not only frame the stage but conceal what’s going on behind the scenes, including noises made in the wings and behind the stage. With Front of House drapes, they can also be manufactured in a range of different styles, from Fly curtains to Austrian and Venetian drapes.

For an orchestral performance, drapes behind them can occasionally rob them of some essential early reflections that are key to the performance. With Front of House drapes, they can be adjusted via tracking equipment, meaning venue managers can alter and control the acoustics of the space.


The most popular fabric for drapes and curtains in concert halls is Wool Serge due to its sound dampening properties. It’s the biggest range of staging fabric that we at Whaleys stock and can be manufactured in a variety of different colours. Our experienced team of sewers can also embellish and decorate the drapes to suit the design and history of the concert hall, providing you with a bespoke staging solution.

Speak to our drapes consultants to find the perfect solution for your concert hall.

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