Wool Serge

Wool Serge is heavyweight fabric that is ideal for adjusting the sound of a venue or preventing any light from escaping through the side lines.

Wool Serge Fabrics


Wool Serge is our biggest range of staging fabric we stock and is also the most popular with our customers. Its versatility makes it a perfect fit for theatrical drapes, borders, legs and skirting. Our Black Wool Serge fabric comes in three different styles and is ideal if you’re looking for a fabric that dampens sound or adjusts the acoustic properties of a venue. As Wool Serge is heavier and denser than other fabrics, it prevents a minimal amount of light creeping through the sides, top and bottom of the drape. This presents you with a seamless blackout stage solution for touring shows, dressing rooms, theatres school halls and working clubs.

Although Black Wool Serge is our most popular of styles, we also stock the fabric in a variety of different colours such as Chromaky Blue or Chromaky Green which are also widely used in television and photography studios. All of our wool serge fabrics are durably flame retardant and will withstand a number of cleanings before needing to be reinstated.

  • 100% Wool 500gm/sqm
  • Conforms to BS5867 Part2:B
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Shade cards are available on request

If you require more information on wool serge or any of our other materials, then give us a call or fill in our contact form and one of our team members will be in touch.

Black Wool Serge- STG354 Width: 150cm/59.1″ 395gm/sgm

Chromaky Green- STG13F Width: 150cm/60″ 500gm/sgm

Bright Gold- STG157F Width: 150cm/60″ 500gm/sgm

Oxford Blue- STG157Q Width: 150cm/60″ 500gm/sgm

Bright Blue- STG157B Width: 150cm/60″ 500gm/sgm

Marine Blue- STG157V Width: 150cm/60″ 500gm/sgm

Mid Blue- STG157A Width: 150cm/60″ 500gm/sgm

Natural- STG157E Width: 150cm/60″ 500gm/sgm

Dark Grey- STG157D Width: 150cm/60″ 500gm/sgm

Mid Grey- STG157C Width: 150cm/60″ 500gm/sgm

Light Grey- STG157W Width: 150cm/60″ 500gm/sgm

Burgandy- STG157K Width: 150cm/60″ 500gm/sgm

Wine- STG157J Width: 150cm/60″ 500gm/sgm

Red- STG157I Width: 150cm/60″ 500gm/sgm

Black Wool Serge-STG13E Width: 150cm/59.1″ 560gm/sgm

Black Wool Serge- STG286 Width: 150cm/59.1″ 840gm/sgm

Chromaky Blue- STG13F Width: 150cm/60″ 500gm/sgm

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