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Theatre Curtains

How to Get Creative with Stage Backdrops to Produce an Immersive Theatre Experience

Impressive visuals help to create memorable experiences, especially within a theatre setting. Set design and stage backdrops work to convey […]

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A Look at Different Theatre Curtains from Around the World

Deep-red curtains are synonymous with theatres and the stage. The tradition that theatre performances are punctuated by the rise and […]

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Whaleys Stages Projects

A Complete Guide To Hall Curtains

No hall is complete without curtains that cover the stage and which are pulled back and drawn as the lights […]

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colourful stage curtains

What is the Best Fabric for Stage Curtains?

Stage curtains are huge determining factor on setting your overall stage presence and appearance. There are many different avenues you […]

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theatre curtain

What Are Theatre Curtains Made From?

Stage curtains come in a range of fabrics and materials – read this guide to learn more about theatre curtain […]

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green fabric

Fire Retardant Stage Curtains Explained

This is everything you need to know about flame resistant materials and what to consider when choosing stage curtain fabrics.

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Why are theatre curtains red?

Deep red and crimson are synonymous with theatres and the stage, but have you ever wondered why so many venues […]

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theatre curtains

Stage Curtains For Theatres – A Whaleys Stages How To Guide

Whether you require a temporary staging set-up for a brand-new production, or a multi-functional stage that will last the test […]

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wool serge

Black Wool Serge Stage Curtains

Black wool serge is one of our best-selling fabrics and the industry’s first choice for stage and theatre curtains. But what is it […]

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Spring Clean: How To Clean Your Stage Curtains

Purchasing new stage curtains can be a significant investment – sometimes a re-fresh and clean is all they need to […]

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What Fabric to Use for Stage Curtains?

When it comes to stage fabrics, it’s easy to be confused by all the options to choose from. We are […]

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theatre stage curtains

Theatre Talk: Fabric Highlight: Polyester Velvet

Our new series ‘Theatre Talk’ will discuss all things new, relevant, topical and trending in the theatre and stage world. […]

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school stage curtain

What type of drape is right for my school?

The right curtain drapes are vital when it comes to creating the perfect theatrical experience for both the audience and […]

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school hall curtains

School Hall Stage Curtain

Here at Whaley Stages, we have been designing and installing custom high-quality school stage curtains for over 20 years. We use the […]

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curtain fabric

Our Contact Form Terminology Explained

When you’re ordering fabric, it can be difficult to understand what the different measurements required to place an order mean. […]

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