The right curtain drapes are vital when it comes to creating the perfect theatrical experience for both the audience and the performers.

We provide custom-made stage curtains and drapes for school halls and stages of all shapes and sizes, designed to your exact specifications. From traditional drapes to accessories, we provide the full solution to your needs.

So, where to get started? There are a number of different curtain drapes and fabrics that are ideally suited to school halls and stages.

Borders and Valence Curtains

Basics. They frame stages while also creating a dramatic theatrical finish. The border and valence curtain are horizontal strips of fabric that span the width of the stage, usually made from the same fabric as your grand drapes. This helps to hide any hung rigging or lighting that otherwise would be on show.

Front of House Curtains

The show-stoppers. Also known as the ‘grand drape’, they are the first thing the audience sees when entering the hall. They are situated at the front of the stage, and can be opened or raised to reveal the stage behind.

There are three different types of grand drape.

‘Traveller stage curtains’ are the most common and feature two overlapping drapes that are drawn into the wings of the stage. They are a popular choice for those with limited space.

‘Fly stage curtains’ are made from one piece of vertical fabric that is raised to reveal the stage. They are popular with those looking to jazz things up a bit.

‘Contour stage curtains’ are similar to fly curtains, but gather in vertical junctures. They look incredible in our cotton velvet velour fabric and in brick red. They can be lifted individually or together, giving you options for different performances.

Austrian Drape

A true classic; the Austrian drape adds glamour to your school hall.

They feature horizontal swaging pleats that are raised and gathered on multiple, vertical riggings and produce a soft aesthetic. This style of front curtain is suited to those looking for a grand and ornate theatre appearance.


Similar to Austrian drapes, the venetian curtains radiate glamour and are well known for their dramatic pleat design. They require more fabric than a standard front of house curtain and are typically more expensive.

Curtain legs

Finally, curtain legs. They are two or more pieces of fabric and provide additional stage depth. They are traditionally black cotton velvet or velour, and are used on stage as a masking tool to stop the audience from seeing behind the scenes. They help your young performers to slink smoothly off stage.

We custom-make all of our drapes and curtains to your specific requirements, and offer a wide range of fabric types, colours and styles. From design to install, you can rest assure your school stage is in the right hands.

Check out our guide on how to measure your stage and curtains here.

For more information, or to speak with the team about fitting drapes and curtains in your school, get in touch. 

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