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Theatre Curtains
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The Difference Between Cycloramas, Scrims and Backdrops

Our latest post tells you everything you need to know about these essential stage items and the different materials used […]

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people infront of stage backdrop

What Fabric is Best for Your Stage Backdrop?

Backdrops are used to set the scene and bring the action on stage to life. This post will help you […]

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Spring Clean: How To Clean Your Stage Curtains

Purchasing new stage curtains can be a significant investment – sometimes a re-fresh and clean is all they need to […]

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Wedding Backdrops

For some people their wedding day is the most important day of their lives, so when it comes to the […]

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Backdrops for school plays

Types of backdrops for school plays

School productions are often the event of the year, whether it’s the eagerly anticipated Christmas nativity or sought-after summer production. […]

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