Wedding Backdrops

For some people their wedding day is the most important day of their lives, so when it comes to the venue and decorations they need to be perfect. Planning is key, and marrying up all of the reception decorations with those that are in the church is key.

At Whaleys we can help you, not with all of the little decorations like centrepieces and chair covers but for the showpiece area.

Using some of the finest fabric we can create the perfect wedding backdrops for your reception venue or even the church itself.

Popular Fabric for Weddings

At Whaleys we stock a wide range of fabrics suitable for creating wedding back drops, as well as fabric decorations for ceilings and floors (floor cloths). The most popular fabrics for wedding backdrops are:

  • White sheeting cotton – a popular choice due to its affordability. A light weight cotton with a plain weave which makes it adaptable so whether you are looking to create a stunning scenic backdrop or a plain projection screen white sheeting cotton could be the solution for you.
  • Muslin cotton – used in theatrical settings by renowned scenographers. Muslin cotton is ideal for painting, making it a great solution for wedding backdrops as well as floor and ceiling decorations.
  • Filled clothused across the world as the standard fabric for cyclorama, filled cloth is renowned for its crease resisting and stretch properties. Due to its fullness it is commonly used for wedding backdrops which are going to be used in conjunction with specific lighting.

If you aren’t sure of what fabric is right for your wedding day then get in touch with a member of the team today.

Wedding Backdrop Inspiration

A wedding backdrop can come in many forms and styles so here are just a few ideas we hope will inspire you for the big day.

Natural lighting, greenery and copper frames. We think this is a great use of fabric to create the perfect photo opportunity.
















Gold, fairy lights and a large window. Using a large piece of light weight fabric you can create the perfect ceremony back drop.

wedding backdrop

















Glamour, sparkles and a tint of black. Using black wool surge and lame fabric you can create the perfect wall coverings for any reception room.

glamour wedding backdrop












If you are looking for a wedding backdrop, curtains or ceiling and floor cloths then get in touch with our team of experts today who can provide you with a no obligation quote.