Muslin Cotton

Muslin Cotton is a light weight fabric that can be adapted to a variety of different theatrical requirements such as scenery paintings or backdrops.

Muslin Cotton Fabrics


As a light to medium weight cotton, Muslin is a favourite theatrical fabric used by scenographers. It was first produced in the Middle East during the 9th Century and was first imported to Europe in the 17th Century. Its name derives from the city Mosul, and is now widely embellished in the textile community as an inexpensive and adaptable fabric. Not only is Muslin Cotton widely used as a material for costumes, but for stage sets and backdrops.

Our White Muslin Cotton translucency means numerous staging effects can be created through scenery paintings, cycloramas, backdrops and scenery flats. Its versatility also means it can be hung straight or draped depending on your requirements. However if you’re not looking for a fabric that can be painted, we also stock Black Cotton Muslin that upholds the same properties as our White Cotton Muslin. Both these materials are non-durable flame retardant, meaning they are dry clean only and care should be taken to ensure they don’t come into contact with liquid.

  • 61gm/sqm
  • Conforms to BS5867 Part2:B before wetting
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Shade card available on request

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White- STG20A Width: 122cm/48″

Black- STG20 Width: 122cm/48″

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