Arena Curtains & Drapes

Arenas accommodate a large number of people, whether they’re there for a musical performance, theatre show or sporting event. Designed to be a fully immersive experience, audience members expect to be wowed by the set-up and curtains and drapes play a big part in that. The use of curtains and stage decorations in arenas can enhance the visual appeal of the performance and create a more immersive experience for the audience.


Stage Drapes

Just like in the theatre, stage drapes not only frame the performance area, but keep any wires or unused elements hidden, maintaining the focus on what’s happening in the show.

Borders & Valance Curtains

Borders and valance curtains have the job of shielding parts of the set that performers don’t want the audience to see. This not only includes rigging and lighting, but anything extra that is part of the show that would spoil the surprise. The valance curtain is hung in front of the border curtain, and both span the width of the stage horizontally.

Curtain Legs

Curtain Legs not only create stage depth, but props and show items can be hidden in the wings prior to being taken on and off stage. This not only keeps the crowds’ eyes on the stage, but means transitions between sets and scenes are as smooth as possible. They are usually manufactured from a heavy fabric, which means they can balance the acoustics in the venue, which is crucial in concerts and theatre performances.

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Looking for a Specialist?

Take your stage design to the next level with the expertise of Whaleys Stages specialists, who can help you select, design, and manufacture the perfect stage curtains or drapes – contact us today to get started!

Stage Curtains

Stage drapes provide a beautiful frame for the performance area, but it’s the set curtains that truly bring the stage to life. With technological advancements, the possibilities for creating a stunning set are almost endless through the use of projection, sound, and lighting. That’s why taking the time to plan and source the right fabric for your set curtains is crucial.

Scenic backdrops provide the freedom to get creative and add your personal touch to your performance. Hanging at the back of the stage, they capture the audience’s imagination and transport them into the experience.

For an even more dazzling effect, a star cloth can make your stage shine. This black backdrop is filled with fibre optics or LED bulbs to create a twinkly effect behind your performers. Available with white or colored bulbs, and connected to a control desk, your set can have a stunning impact.


A seamless cyclorama stretches across the width of the stage, allowing you to project almost anything onto it. This not only reduces printing costs but also gives you the opportunity to create different backdrops and sceneries that complement or showcase specific elements in your performance.

Transform the stage with a gauze backdrop that lets you control what the audience can see depending on how it’s lit. Shine a light from the front and the fabric is opaque, but light it up from the back and it becomes transparent, giving you the chance to tease the audience with guest artists or hidden features.

If you’re looking to dress up your arena with any of these stunning stage curtains and backdrops, contact one of our Whaleys Stages team members for more information.

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