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Theatre Curtains
Virtual Reality in Theatre

Is Virtual Reality the New Form of Theatre?

When the Covid-19 pandemic confined almost the entire nation to their houses, and further inhibited many of life’s pleasures, many […]

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Stage backdrop for London theatre shows

Best New London Theatre Shows to Watch in 2022

Now that theatre productions are back in full force, there are a whole host of new theatre shows coming to […]

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A Look at Different Theatre Curtains from Around the World

Deep-red curtains are synonymous with theatres and the stage. The tradition that theatre performances are punctuated by the rise and […]

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theatre curtain

What Are Theatre Curtains Made From?

Stage curtains come in a range of fabrics and materials – read this guide to learn more about theatre curtain […]

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Why are theatre curtains red?

Deep red and crimson are synonymous with theatres and the stage, but have you ever wondered why so many venues […]

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Royal alert hall

The Most Impressive Theatres

As specialists in stage curtains we have had the privilege of working with some spectacular theatre locations and projects. There are many beautiful theatres […]

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Behind the Scenes: The Anatomy of a Theatre

Bustling with life and a haven of entertainment, theatres have been welcoming crowds for thousands of years. Today, a classical […]

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Jobs in the Theatre

The performers that you see on stage aren’t the only one that make your theatre experience so magical. There’s a […]

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