Trevira Polytaf

Our Trevira Polytaf fabric is a firm favourite for those who like peace of mind when it comes to using flame retardant fabrics.

Trevira Polytaf Fabrics


Trevira is a flame retardant fabric used not only for drapes, but for a wide range of purposes across many industries. Due to the evolution of Trevira fibres, which accumulated in 1980, the fabric is unlike any other flame retardant fabrics, as it isn’t just a surface treatment.

Fabrics which are treated to become flame retardant commonly lose their resistance due to wear and tear, but as it is the fibre itself within Trevira fabric that is resistant, it is a permanently flame retardant fabric. At Whaleys we have used Trevira fabric for drapes and stage backgrounds in theatres, arenas and for performance sets for music acts across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

We stock the fabric in an assortment of colours and two different sizes. To find out more information on Polytaf / Trevira, or request a shade card you can either fill in our contact form or give us a ring and we’ll be sure to answer any questions you may have.

White- STG43 Width: 155cm/61″

Silver- STG43N Width: 155cm/61″

Lilac- STG43O Width: 155cm/61″

Purple- STG43P Width: 155cm/61″

Sky- STG43Q Width: 155cm/61″

Royal- STG43R Width: 155cm/61″

Navy- STG43S Width: 155cm/61″

Black- STG43T Width: 155cm/61″

White- STG126A Width: 300cm/118″

Black- STG126B Width: 300cm/118″

Ivory- STG126C Width: 300cm/118″

Burgundy- STG43M Width: 155cm/61″

Red- STG43L Width: 155cm/61″

Orange- STG43K Width: 155cm/61″

Ivory- STG43A Width: 155cm/61″

Lemon- STG43B Width: 155cm/61″

Yellow- STG43C Width: 155cm/61″

Champagne- STG43D Width: 155cm/61″

Gold- STG43E Width: 155cm/61″

Mint- STG43F Width: 155cm/61″

Green- STG43G Width: 155cm/61″

Bottle- STG43H Width: 155cm/61″

Apricot- STG43I Width: 155cm/61″

Salmon- STG43J Width: 155cm/61″

Bright Royal- STG126D Width: 300cm/118″

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