Scenic Cotton Canvas

Scenic Cotton Canvas is a strong and durable material that works perfectly as a stage backdrop or cyclorama to add to the on stage scenery.

Scenic Cotton Canvas Fabrics


Cotton Canvas took over wooden panelling as a base material for painting in the 17th Century and is now one of the most popular fabrics used for paintings and art. Scenic Cotton Canvas is known for its plain weave, lightweight properties; This make it great for applications that are needing more flexibility.  As a smooth drapery, it resists rips and tears and is ideal if you’re looking for a textile that can become a scenic backdrop.

Whaley’s scenic cotton canvas fabrics come by the metre and is available in two different styles. Natural (loom state) is the colour of the cotton after it has been cleaned and processed in preparation for weaving. Therefore, resulting in it being referred to as cream/off white. White, is when the fabric has been bleached giving it a bright white colour which is popular within small theatres and town halls.

As you can see, we have a large selection of high-quality fabrics to choose from. We ensure that the quality of each fabric is at the highest quality and perfect for you. We can help with all of your staging and theatre needs. Therefore, if you are looking for a large stage drape or a small school curtain, we can help.

Furthermore, all of our scenic cotton canvas fabrics are non-durable flame retardant meaning that the fabric takes longer to ignite in the event of a fire. Please also note that care should be taken to ensure the fabric doesn’t get wet as shrinking can occur.

  • 250gm/sqm
  • Conforms to BS5867 Part2:B before wetting
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Shade cards are available on request

To find out more information about our Scenic Cotton Canvas range or any of our other stage fabrics you can fill in our contact form or give us a call today.

White – STG84A Width: 420cm / 165″

Natural- STG83A Width: 420cm / 165″

White- STG84B Width: 620cm / 244″

Natural- STG83B Width: 620cm / 244″

White – STG84D Width: 800cm / 315″

Natural– STG83D Width: 800cm / 315″

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The length of fabric from the curtain rail or track to the floor.
Fabric can be flat or have fullness. Fabric fullness is the extra fabric that covers the width of a curtain pole, offering a pleated, gathered effect. (Flat 0%, box pleats 50-100%)
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