Polyester Velvet

Polyester Velvet is a great solution if you’re looking for a fabric that masks sound and maintains a timeless aesthetic.

Polester Velvet Fabrics


Velvet dates back to the 9th Century, however the first English association recorded was in 1278 when Edward I paid 100 shillings for a bed in Paris to be upholstered in Velvet. Since then it became a very popular fabric choice amongst nobility, due to its expensive appearance. However, with the modern day production of Polyester Velvet, it mirrors the style of Silk Velvet but with a lower price tag.

As a fabric, Polyester Velvet is also extremely durable and stain resistant making it an ideal drapery choice for schools and theatre applications. Not only does it uphold a rich aesthetic, but it’s acoustic and thermal insulation properties make it a perfect solution for stage curtains.

We stock Polyester Velvet in four different colours, all of which are tear and crease resistant. If you want to find out more information about flammability and care of this range or request a shade card then you can fill out our online contact form and one of our team will be on board to help. Alternatively, you can also give us a ring if you have any other questions on any of our other stage fabrics.

Wine- STG58A Width: 150cm/59.1″

Blue- STG58B Width: 150cm/59.1″

Purple- STG58C Width: 150cm/59.1″

Black- STG58D Width: 150cm/59.1″

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Fabric can be flat or have fullness. Fabric fullness is the extra fabric that covers the width of a curtain pole, offering a pleated, gathered effect. (Flat 0%, box pleats 50-100%)
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