Dupion Silk

Dupion Silk is a fabric that is loved for the high quality aesthetic it provides, making it a stylish solution for theatrical applications.

Dupion Silk Fabrics


Dupion Silk is widely recognised for its unique, shimmering surface. Exported from China, Dupion Silk is woven on a hand loom in India where it builds up its characteristic Dupion slub from two silkworms spinning their cocoon together. It is a very popular choice of material for high fashion clothing, wedding attire, upholstery, costumers and draperies.

It is slightly thicker and heavier than other silk fabrics such as Shantung, giving it a highly-lustrous surface that designers and architects love. Dupion Silk’s properties also mean it hangs beautifully, making it an ideal choice for drapes, curtains and backdrops. Our warehouse offers you a choice of three different styles, however if they are being used as a drapery solution rather than for costumes or scenery then an additional lining is needed to prevent the colour fading in sunlight.

  • 100% Silk 113gm/sqm
  • Non Flameproofed
  • Dry Clean Only

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Violet & Red (2 Tone)- STG100A Width: 137cm/53.9″

Ginger & Royal (2 Tone)- STG100B Width: 137cm/53.9″

Mercury- STG100C Width: 137cm/53.9″

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