Curtain Satin

Curtain Satin has been made popular through its adaptable and aesthetic properties. Our warehouse stocks a whole range of colours that add a glossy finish to your solution.

Curtain Satin Fabrics


Satin dates back to the Middle Ages where it was mainly used by the upper class, due to its luxurious label and expensive price tag. It became known to Europe in the 12th Century, and since then has become a primary fabric for many different types of garments, pointe shoes for ballerinas and interior furnishings. As it is produced from Silk, it has a glossy finish which makes it a popular choice for theatre curtains.

Its lightweight and versatile properties make it ideal for Austrian, Brail and Contour stage curtains due to the way it bunches up. Its decorative quality also makes it a perfect for draping at special events. Our Curtain Satin range comes in colours to suit everyone from bronze to pink, and all of our styles are inherently flameproofed.

  • 100% Polyester 260gm/sqm
  • Conforms to BS5867 Part 2:B Dry Clean Only
  • Shade cards available on request

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Beige- STG315A Width: 50cm/60″

Light Blue- STG315C Width: 50cm/60″

Lime Green- STG315X Width: 50cm/60″

Mustard- STG315V Width: 50cm/60″

Navy- STG315E Width: 50cm/60″

Orange- STG315M Width: 50cm/60″

Pink- STG315G Width: 50cm/60″

Plum- STG315J Width: 50cm/60″

Purple- STG315F Width: 50cm/60″

Red- STG315K Width: 50cm/60″

Rust- STG315S Width: 50cm/60″

Silver- STG315 Width: 50cm/60″

Grey- STG315B Width: 50cm/60″

Green- STG315Y Width: 50cm/60″

Gold- STG315N Width: 50cm/60″

Black- STG315Z Width: 50cm/60″

Blue- STG315D Width: 50cm/60″

Bronze- STG315P Width: 50cm/60″

Brown- STG315T Width: 50cm/60″

Burgandy- STG315H Width: 50cm/60″

Caramel- STG315O Width: 50cm/60″

Chesnut- STG315R Width: 50cm/60″

Claret- STG315I Width: 50cm/60″

Copper- STG315Q Width: 50cm/60″

Crimson- STG315L Width: 50cm/60″

Fawn- STG315U Width: 50cm/60″

Yellow- STG31W Width: 50cm/60″

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