Curtain Lining

Curtain Lining is the perfect way to extend to the life span of your drapes, borders or legs, becoming a part of your staging solution.

Curtain Lining Fabrics


Protecting your stage drapes and curtains are a top priority for our customers, which is why we recommend purchasing Curtain Linings as a part of your solution if they aren’t already. Not only do they add to the final aesthetic with maximum opacity, but play a big part in protecting your materials from damage.

If you’re moving scenery or have a busy backstage area it can be easy to catch or snag the fabric, so Curtain Lining gives you that added protection to prevent this. They can also lengthen the process of the fabric becoming brittle after it being exposed to stage lighting at a close proximity. We stock Cream Sateen Cotton and Cream Blackout for Curtain Lining, which are non-durable flame retardant, meaning they are dry clean only and care should be taken to ensure they don’t come into contact with liquid. We also stock Cream Sateen Cotton in a bigger size that is is durable flame retardant, so it will withstand a number of cleanings before becoming dry clean only.

  • Conforms to BS5867 Part2:B before wetting
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Shade cards are available on request

If you want more information on Curtain Lining or any of our other stage fabrics then feel free to give us a call today or fill in our online contact from and one of our team members will get back to you.

Cream Sateen Cotton (NDFR)- STG140 Width: 150cm/59.1″ 109gm/sgm

Cream Sateen Cotton (DFR)- STG196 Width: 137cm/53.9″ 109gm/sgm

Cream Blackout (NDFR)- STG94 Width: 137cm/53.9″ 248gm/sgm

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The length across from left to right when the fabric is flat.
The length of fabric from the curtain rail or track to the floor.
Fabric can be flat or have fullness. Fabric fullness is the extra fabric that covers the width of a curtain pole, offering a pleated, gathered effect. (Flat 0%, box pleats 50-100%)
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