Casement Cotton

At Whaleys, we stock Casement Cotton in an assortment of colours, making it ideal for graceful drapes for shows, exhibitions and marquees.

Casement Cotton Fabrics


Casement Cotton is a sheer fabric that is affordable and comes in a whole range of colours. It is light in weight, but its plain weave texture makes it slightly heavier then cotton, draping more gracefully. Depending on the thickness of the fabric will depend on how much light is let through, making it a perfect application for backing for heavy drapery and backdrops.

Casement Cotton is also ideal for a one-off show, to decorate exhibitions or dress marquees because of its low cost and variation of semi-sheer, translucent or opaque properties. From yellow to ice blue, to white and black, we stock a whole variety of colours that leave you feeling spoilt for choice. They are all dry clean only and care should be taken to ensure there are no spillages on the fabric.

  • 100% Cotton 125gm/sqm
  • Conforms to BS5867 Part2:B before wetting
  • Non Durable FR should be treated to meet flammability requirements if for any reason the fabric becomes wet

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White- STG120A Width: 122cm/48″

Purple- STG120N Width: 122cm/48″

Green- STG120L Width: 122cm/48″

Yellow- STG120K Width: 122cm/48″

Ecru- STG120J Width: 122cm/48″

Natural- STG120I Width: 122cm/48″

Ivory- STG120H Width: 122cm/48″

Grey- STG120G Width:122cm/48″

Light Grey- STG120F Width: 122cm/48″

Navy- STG120E Width: 122cm/48″

Royal- STG120D Width: 122cm/48″

Ice Blue- STG120C Width: 122cm/48″

Black- STG347B Width: 150cm/59″

Black- STG120B Width: 122cm/48″

White- STG347A Width: 150cm/59″

Red- STG120M Width: 122cm/48″

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