Assorted Cotton Canvas

At Whaleys we stock a range of Cotton Canvas fabrics that are suitable to be dyed and painted on to add to a scenic set.

Cotton Canvas Fabrics


If you’re looking for a fabric that can be used for scenic purposes then our Assorted Cotton Canvas range is ideal for you. Our materials are well-known for their plain weave properties, making it perfect for painting and dyeing it. They were primarily used for ground cloths but have worked their way into the textile industry as a versatile fabric for scenery purposes.

Our warehouse stocks a variety of different fabrics that also include Hessian if you’re wanting to add depth or texture to your scenery. Our most popular colour choice is either natural or matt white, however we do also stock black Cotton Canvas as an alternative. All of these fabrics are dry clean only meaning care should be taken with liquid when around them.

  • Conforms to BS5867 Part2:B before wetting
  • Non Durable FR should be treated to meet flammability requirements if for any reason the fabric becomes wet
  • Shade cards are available on request

To find out more information on these fabrics or any of our other materials then give us a call or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Natural Painting Canvas- STG27 Width:266cm/105″ 263gm/sqm

Matt White Canvas- STG31 Width: 266cm/105″ 263gm/sqm

Natural Txt 41- STG29 Width: 178cm/70.1″ 310gm/sgm

Flax Canvas Natural- STG30 Width: 244cm/96.1″ 310gm/sqm

Black Canvas- STG28 Width: 182cm/71.1″ 340gm/sgm

Hessian Natural- STG32 Width: 178cm/70.1″ 382gm/sgm

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