From Storage Bags to Cotton Webbing, we understand the importance of accessories in staging solutions. Whether it's added protection for your curtains or altering their aesthetic you're after, we stock a number of different features that can suit your requirements.

Stage Fabric Accessories


Our range doesn’t just stop at fabrics, as we stock many different accessories that may be helpful for your staging applications. Below is a brief description of each accessory we stock, please contact us for further details.

Cotton Webbing
Cotton Webbing can be used alongside eyelets and metal hooks to reinforce the top of curtains and drapes.

Natural & Black Webbing

Storage Bags
Storage bags offer a good storage solution for your drapes, keeping them organised and sust free when you’re not using them.

Storage Bag

Flameproof Spray
If any of our non-durable flame retardant materials get wet, a flameproof spray must be reapplied to ensure it conforms to BS5867 Part2:B.

Flameproof Spray

Chain Weight
A chain weight is perfect for helping stage curtains to ‘hang’, preventing them from bunching up and stopping them from flapping around.

Chain Weight


Traditional Velcro

2″ Loop Velcro in Black or White

Velcro is a great material to use to secure the chains in the bottom of curtains to ensure the pocket stays shut.

1″ Hook Velcro in Black or White

Adhesive Backed Velcro
Using backed Velcro is ideal if you want to temporarily attach objects to a backdrop to enhance scenery and stage sets.

Adhesive Backed Velcro



To find out more information about the accessories we stock and how they benefit you, then fill in our contact form, or gives us a call and we’ll be on hand to answer your queries.

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The length of fabric from the curtain rail or track to the floor.
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