Austrian Drape

Austrian Curtain Drapes

Renowned for its classic and elegant draping appearance, the Austrian Curtain is one of the most stylish and glamorous styles of front-of-house curtain available for your theatre or auditorium. The look of an Austrian Curtain will help you to create an immersive and compelling theatre experience for your spectators.

The Austrian Curtain has both vertical and horizontal fullness and is characterised by horizontal swagging pleats that are raised and gathered on multiple vertical riggings to produce a soft aesthetic. This style of front curtain is ideally suited to spaces that do not have loft space and are looking to achieve a grand and ornate theatre appearance.

The amount of fullness will be influenced by the weight of the fabric and by the desired appearance. A heavy fabric for a large curtain might contain 25-30% horizontal fullness and 50% vertical fullness. A smaller curtain, or one made from a lightweight fabric could have up to 300% vertical fullness and 100% horizontal fullness.

Austrian Curtains can be raised vertically from the bottom by use of a series of cords and rings on the back. They must be drawn equally, meaning that the speed/height and amount of lift on each drawline must be exactly the same across all lines.

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The length of fabric from the curtain rail or track to the floor.
Fabric can be flat or have fullness. Fabric fullness is the extra fabric that covers the width of a curtain pole, offering a pleated, gathered effect. (Flat 0%, box pleats 50-100%)
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