How to Measure Stage Curtains

Whether you are looking to replace an existing set of stage curtains or you’re looking to create a new stage for an event you need to make sure you get the right size curtains. Our experts have put together this step by step guide on how to measure stage curtains, including what tools you will need, popular fabrics and most importantly what dimensions your provider will need.

The right equipment to measure curtains

To get started you need to know what tools you need to ensure you can measure the existing stage curtains or if you don’t have any at the moment, the stage in which the new set is going to go. Depending on what you are measuring will determine what tools you need but some will be required for both.

Measuring an existing curtain

To measure an existing curtain the tools required are simple. All you really need is a tape measure or measuring wheel depending on the size of the curtain, something to mark the cloth it is required and a pen and paper to note the dimensions you measure.

  • Tape measure or measuring wheel
  • Chalk

Measuring for a new set of stage curtains

Measuring for a new set of curtains on a stage which has had no previous curtains is a bit more difficult and may require a few more pieces of equipment. The basics of a tape measure or measuring wheel are still required but you may also need ladders and a helping pair of hands.

  • Tape measure or measuring wheel
  • Chalk
  • Ladders
  • Assistant

Measuring stage curtains – step by step

Before you get started you need to know what type of track you are using to accurately measure the height of your curtains as this can influence the length of curtain needed. If you don’t know the track type used then get in touch with our experts today who will advise you on the best solution from your description.

Step 1 – Measuring the height of your stage curtains

If you have existing curtains already in place then measure the side hem, (you may need a ladder and assistant for this) from the top of the curtain to the bottom. Ensure the curtain is fully extended and taught to prevent any mismeasurements.

If you are hanging your curtains from a track or pipe batten then measure from the bottom of the track or pipe to the floor.

In most instances curtains hung will likely stretch between 1 – 2” so be sure to take this into account within your measurements.

Step 2 – Measuring the width of your stage curtains

If you already have curtains then the best way to measure the width is to measure the top of the webbing. This is because the webbed area is the true width of the curtain and using this will allow you to eliminate any errors due to fullness.

If you’re looking to measure for a new set of stage drapes then you need to measure the floor of the stage that the curtains are to go on. If you are looking for curtains that overlap in the middle then be sure to account for this too.

Once you have the dimensions of the curtains then you need to choose a fabric for your curtains, which will vary depending on your requirements but our guide to stage fabrics should help

If you need assistance with measuring your stage curtains then please get in touch. As the Uk’s leading stage and curtain drape supplier, our experts will be happy to assist you on your quest for new stage curtains.