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At Whaleys, we have been providing schools and colleges with theatre drapes and curtains for over fifty years. From the very first measurements to the hanging of the curtains, we are well known in the textile industry for our high-quality creations and skilled sewing experts. Unless you’re replacing damaged or aged curtains, you may not know what type of drape you need or best suits your brief, so by working with you, we can create a bespoke solution that caters to your space and budget requirements.

For primary and secondary schools that are looking for something to suit one-off pieces, we recommend our Stage Curtain service which includes backdrops and floor cloths. These are ideal for those whose staging is temporary in assembly halls or sports halls and don’t have huge spaces to work with. Our scenic backdrops are perfect for Christmas nativities or special assemblies, as the light-weight fabric allows you to paint your own scenery onto the fabric to bring the stage to life, especially when combined with a painted floor cloth. For dance shows or summer concerts, our star cloths add a touch of magic to the atmosphere of your evening.

For schools or colleges that have larger or fixed staging areas, we advise you to opt for our Theatre Drapes, which are synonymous with the theatrical experience. These create stunning openings to acts in shows, especially if you specialise in teaching creative arts at a high level. They’re also great at attracting external drama and performance groups that need a high-quality venue for their shows. The two types of Theatre Drapes that we know are best suited to the education sector are our Traveller and Fly Stage Curtains. The heaviness of the fabric masks sound and light, and keeps those waiting in the wings hidden from the crowd’s eyes. To achieve that dazzling theatre ambience, we also manufacture curtain legs, pelmets, borders and valance curtains to match your Theatre Drapes.

For the finishing touches, we also stock a range of accessories that may be a necessity or an added extra, depending on your type of solution. From storage bags to keep your drapes covered from wear and tear when they’re not in use, to cotton webbing to reinforce the top of your drapes. All of our fabrics conform to the Fabric Standards flammability requirements and come with instructions on how to ensure they’re kept flame retardant if the material gets wet.

To find out more information on how Whaleys can provide you with your staging solution then you can download our handy School Stage Set-Up Guide. Alternatively, you can get in touch with one of our experts who will be happy to answer any of your queries or questions.

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