Curtains and Drapes for Circuses

The circus is a place of wonder and delight, where children and adults alike revel in the talent of the performing artists. Some of the acrobatics and performances take years of practice to perfect, but no matter how good the performance if the circus setting isn’t right then the it can be all for nothing. From the seating to the lights, the ceiling and flooring to the curtains each element of the circus needs to be perfect to provide the right atmosphere for not only the crowd but the performers too.

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How we can help

The Performers Entrance

As with any grand performance the front of house needs to look the part and the curtains at the performers entrance are the first thing your audience will see.

At Whaleys our expertise ensure that we help you to find not only the right style of curtain from our wide selection but the right fabric as well. With a variety of stage fabrics to choose from including:

  • Wool serge
  • Stage felt
  • Calico cotton
  • Muslin cotton

If you don’t know what type of opening mechanism you want on your circus curtains then our team can help with that too.

Backdrops and Stage Drapes

From lavish Austrian drapes, to light up star cloths and cyclorama to showcase give the impression of a bright sky the backdrop to the circus can make a huge difference.

Whether the circus has a theme and needs a scenic backdrop or whether you need one to control the light like our supreme blackout fabric made to make your performers stand out with help from our experts you can master the stage.

With backdrops suitable for any stage size and in-house machinists that create bespoke, made to measure works of art, Whaleys can facilitate all your circus backdrop needs.

Stage Surroundings 

Although the stage and performance area may look the part at the circus it isn’t just this that has an impact on the atmosphere. The audience want to feel like they are in a world of imagination so leaving scaffolding and tent structures on view can detract from the performance.

Using fabric to cover scaffolding that matches the performance area allows the audience to stay engaged in the circus performance. As well as covering scaffolding and rigging Whaleys can provide fabric to use as celling strips or drapes from the roof to make the area feel smaller and more personal for the audience.

For more information on how Whaleys can improve your circus stage through drapes, backdrops and accessories then get in touch today.

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Looking for a Specialist?

Take your stage design to the next level with the expertise of Whaleys Stages specialists, who can help you select, design, and manufacture the perfect stage curtains or drapes – contact us today to get started!

Stage Curtains and Backdrops

Curtains, stage backdrops, cycloramas, scenic backdrops, gauze, and star cloth can all play a significant role in enhancing school, university, or college productions. These staging elements can help create a captivating atmosphere that engages the audience and brings the performance to life.

Front-of-house curtains, pelmets, and curtain legs can be used to separate the stage from the audience, creating a dramatic reveal for the performers. Cycloramas can serve as an immersive background, transporting the audience to a different time and place, while scenic backdrops can set the scene and enhance the visual impact of the performance.

Gauze can be used to manipulate the lighting and create different visual effects, allowing the performers to take the audience on a journey through light and shadow. Meanwhile, star cloths are an excellent choice for productions that require a starry backdrop, such as plays, concerts, dances, and events.

Whether it’s for a school play or a university production, these stage elements can help elevate the performance and provide a memorable experience for both the audience and performers. With the right selection of fabrics and materials, you can create a unique and immersive theatrical experience that captures the imagination and leaves a lasting impression.

Venetian drapes, Austrian drapes, pelmets, curtain legs, front-of-house curtains, valance curtains, and borders are all essential elements in creating a captivating stage design for school productions and theatre performances. The versatility and elegance of these drapes and curtains allow for a wide range of creative options in setting the scene and establishing the right atmosphere for any performance.

Venetian drapes, with their horizontal slats, are perfect for controlling the amount of light that enters the stage, allowing for more precise lighting effects. Austrian drapes can offer a more dramatic effect with their draped fabric folds, making them ideal for grand stages and more formal productions.

Pelmets and curtain legs are used to conceal the rigging and lighting equipment and create a seamless transition between the stage and the curtains. Front-of-house curtains provide a grand entrance for performers and also serve as sound and light barriers, improving the overall acoustics of the space. Valance curtains are decorative and add depth to the overall design, while borders provide a clear separation between the stage and the audience.

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