Church Curtains and Drapes

Church Curtains and DrapesCurtains and Drapes for Churches

At Whaleys, we not only create show-stopping solutions for theatres and stages, but provide fabric for churches and religious spaces. Whether they are part of the focal point positioned behind the alter, or frame the ends of the pews, we can work with you to create that final result. From measurement to installation, we work with you every step of the way to ensure you’re satisfied with the end result.

Fixed Drapes & Valance Curtain
If you’re after a permanent solution for your place of worship, we can manufacture and hang bespoke drapes that fit your space perfectly. Our drapes and valance curtains can be produced in an assortment of fabrics, but the most popular choices for religious spaces are either our Polyester Velvet or Cotton Velvet Velour. They’re rich in colour and are well-loved for their acoustic and thermal properties, keeping your congregation warm and tuned into to the choir. Similarly to school motifs, they can also be embroidered with an image of your choice, positioned central to the alter.

For a one-off solution, our backdrops are a favourite due to their versatility. Whether you’re looking for a scenic backdrop for a candlelit carol service, or a cyclorama to frame a Nativity performance we can help. Our warehouse stocks a wide assortment of different fabrics in an array of colours that can be hand-picked by you to suit your style and budget.

Masking Curtains
Not only do we provide fixed drapes and backdrops for churches, but can manufacture masking curtains. These are perfect for diving spaces such as an area for your Sunday school, or choir to get changed in and covering side entrances to block draughts and reduce noise interruption. For a heavier solution we recommend opting for a fabric such as wool serge, but if you want something a little more light-weight, we have a wide variety of cottons to choose from, which can also perfectly double up as a projection screen.

All of our drapes and curtains are treated with a flame retardant finish, and come with instructions with what to do in the event they get wet to ensure they still conform to the standards. For more information on how we can help you, visit our contact page to speak to one of our dedicated team members.

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