About this project

Leeds City Varieties is a historic music hall built in 1865, and is the longest running music hall in Britain. As a hidden gem in the heart of Leeds, it rose to fame in 1953 as it became home to the BBC’s The Good Old Days. Nowadays, it’s nationally recognised for its magical décor inside the venue, maintaining the traditional aesthetic of the 19th Century design.

Between 2009 and 2011, the Varieties encountered a complete refurbishment that involved demolishing and reconstructing the inside of the hall. This included a reconstruction of the backstage, repairs to the ceiling and plasterwork along with new auditorium carpets and seats.

Alongside this, new drapes were needed to replicate the 1800’s look and feel and Whaleys are proud to have been able to manufacture and provide the curtains needed for this refurbishment. We combined our expertise and experience to develop the best solution for the concert hall, choosing the fabric that would adjust the sound properties whilst adding to the rich aesthetic of the auditorium.  Since it’s restoration the likes of Ken Dodd, Lee Nelson and KT Tunstall have gone on to take the stage and perform at this cultured venue.

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