Stage Felt

Stage Felt is a historic fabric that has a whole range of application qualities, making it a popular choice for many different users. For theatrical purposes, it is ideal if you’re looking for a fabric that dampens sound and vibrations.

Felt For Stages


Felt is one of the oldest materials known to mankind, dating back 700 B.C, where remains were found in the frozen tombs of nomadic horsemen. The fabric was traditionally used in tribes to make clothing, saddles and tents due to its strong and resilient properties. Nowadays, felt is used for a whole range of applications such as in schools, in cars, for machinery and for arts and crafts.

For theatrical purposes, it is an ideal fabric for those wanting to deaden sound on stage as its fibrous structure is not only heat insulating, but sound and vibration insulating too. At Whaley’s we stock a variety of different styles of felt, but for stage applications we recommend our “Black Mix” Underlay. It comes with a non-durable flame retardant finish, so care should be taken to ensure the fabric doesn’t become wet.

  • 20mtr rolls 1000gm/sqm
  • Conforms to BS5867 Part2:B before wetting
  • Dry Clean Only

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Black Mix Underlay Grade-STG42A Width: 150cm/59.1″

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