Theatre Drapes

Whaleys have been manufacturing stage and theatre drapes for over 20 years and have built up a reputable name for ourselves in the textile community. Regarded as one of the leading providers of theatre curtains, Whaleys has worked with some big names such as The Houses of Parliament and 20% of the company’s products are currently exported worldwide.

No project is too big or small for Whaleys, and whether you’re a well-known arena or a small school hall, you will receive a reliable and friendly service. Our staging connoisseurs are on hand to understand your theatre curtain requirements, and find you the best fit that will provide you with a high quality theatre solution, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Front of House Curtains
Our drapes can be manufactured from a variety of fabrics and colours, depending on what sort of solution you have in mind. For an enchanting experience we recommend fabrics such as Cotton Velvet Velour or Heavy Stage Satin. However, for a more cost effective approach, we propose the route of Wool Serge or Bolton Twill.

  • Fly Curtains are the most synonymous with the traditional theatre experience, raising and lowering at the start, interval and end of the show. They require a fly system built in to raise and lower objects.
  • Traveller Curtains are ideal if you don’t have enough space for a Fly Curtain. They’re distinguished by two overlapping drapes which create a statement when drawn into the wings of the stage.
  • The Austrian Curtain is ideal if you want to create a captivating theatre experience but have little loft space. Traditionally, this theatre drape has both vertical and horizontal fullness, crafting a scalloped effect, which is influenced by the fabric and your desired appearance.
  • The Venetian Curtain adds a touch of glamour to your theatre with its ornate design. It’s similar in appearance to the Austrian theatre drape, however each individual pleat is able to move independently, making it a highly versatile curtain choice.

At Whaleys we can also manufacture Pelmets, Curtain Legs, Borders and Valance Curtains to provide you with a full theatrical solution. These frame the stage, create depth, and mask any side line activity such as equipment manoeuvres or performers awaiting their scene.

All of our theatre drapes are made to measure, and we take the weight off your mind by handling everything, from design through to assembling and installing. Not only do we create theatre curtains, but understand that existing drapes might just need a touch up to give them a new lease of life. Our alteration service covers both big and small jobs such as size modifications or addition of curtain features.

If you’d like to know more about how Whaleys can help you then please get in touch and one of our experts will be more than happy to help.

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